Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Course

This is a rural, hilly, out-and-back course.

The start point is at the Best Western/Villa Del Lago and participants will head south on Rogers Road, then west onto Sperry Avenue which turns into Oak Flat Road/Diablo Grande Parkway. Turn-around will be clearly marked.

Runners and walkers are asked to utilize the NORTH shoulder of the road (westbound) while out on the course. This means you will be going with the flow of traffic while heading out, then going against traffic on the return when traffic would be a bit heavier. These are rural roads with NO ROAD CLOSURES, so please utilize the shoulder area. The majority of motorists will be making their way out of the Diablo Grande area toward Patterson, so they will be on the opposite side of the road, heading eastbound. We will have traffic control, flaggers, and a sweep vehicle to assist participants and motorists.

For those local runners/walkers who have trained in the Knight's Ferry area, this course is a bit more challenging. As you can see from the photos, however, the shoulder area is much wider.

Aid stations will be staffed with OUTSTANDING volunteers & medical personnel, water, Gatorade, salt, Biofreeze, and first aid kits. 2 of the aid stations will have a porta-potty.

Additionally, your final aid station will have a cooler filled with cold, wet towels. This will help cool you down on your way to the finish. We have added a page to the blog showing the course map and elevation chart.

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